Thursday, September 4, 2008

The people have spoken: Obama would be the more experienced vice presidential candidate... barely.

AllahPundit at Hot Air comments on a new Rasmussen poll which shows that unaffiliated voters find Obama to be more experienced than Palin by only a 5% margin (42% to 37%). And mind you, this poll was taken before Palin's big speech at the RNC.

AP quickly makes the point that the difference is bigger when all voters are counted (49% to 39%), because "unaffiliateds are likely to include more disaffected conservatives than liberals these days". I agree, but McCain needs to win over these disaffected conservatives as much as he needs crossover votes. Some of them may technically consider themselves undecideds, and others may needs some excitement to get off their butts and get to the polls on Election Day.

Of course the most fun out of all of this is thinking about the embarrassment of the Obama campaign. Voters view the best case of their ticket as being barely more experienced than the worst case of their opponents' ticket.