Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain RNC speech notes

McCain sticks to his strategy of exuding class from every pore. Very gracious words for Obama and appeals to the center.

I noticed another line about a family with an autistic child, continuing the appeals to families with special needs children that Sarah Palin began last night. Of course, there were no specifics, so I don't know if that is going to go very far into swaying those voters. Unlike single issue voters on issues such as abortion or the war, parents of special needs children have very specific concerns that cannot be addressed with one liners.

A lot of it was a dry recitation of classic talking points, but they are classic for a reason. I would have preferred more specific proposals, but that has always been better suited for the debate format, so we shall see. He got pumped up for his "Fight, fight, fight!" conclusion, which ended it on an energetic note. It kind of made me want to play football for the University of McCain, too.