Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't think of names, think of principles.

I've been witnessing many calls for Palin/Jindal '12 or Jindal/Palin '12, but I feel it's important to remind conservatives not to wed themselves to particular candidates right now. These candidates may be more effective in '16 or '20. Other good candidates may emerge for '12, and we should not make any assumptions now. Be patient. Work on the principles. And if we succeed in that, the best candidates will emerge naturally in '12.

Congratulations, Obama. But...

The next election is the start of your downfall. This is the election where I start to work against you. I have taken the steps to make a career change. Economic policy. I will work anywhere and everywhere to oppose the socialist agenda. I will turn Belgium Republican if that is even possible. Good luck. You will need it.