Friday, September 5, 2008

We've held up the red cape...

... and now the bull will charge to its doom.

Obama's hackles were clearly raised by Palin's dismissal of his community organizing --a response to his earlier dismissal of her record as a small-town mayor. "Why would that kind of work be ridiculed?" Obama said. "Who are they fighting for?" The idea that community organizing is not relevant to the presidency, he said, just shows why Republicans "are out of touch and don't get it."

Perhaps Obama should consider whether he's the one who's out of touch. The overwhelming majority of Americans do not have community organizers, and even those who do may not know or care about them. They do, however, have mayors. Mayors who serve at the will of their constituents and are held responsible by them. Mayors must serve the people as the people see fit. Community organizers may work according to their own whims without being held responsible by the people. It's no wonder why corruption runs rampant in the ACORN organization. ACORN only works for itself.

h/t Hot Air